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VNA Nebraska Sports Center

VNA Nebraska Sports Center

About Our Club

What Makes Us Unique 

Villarreal Nebraska Academy aims to change the game of soccer through a relentless focus on player development.  We believe that we can "develop and transform the game by developing and transforming players".

Our academy is an Official Partner Academy of Villarreal C.F. and is a professional soccer academy as you see in Europe and South America, where the best players in the world are routinely produced.  Those academies understand that methodical skill development produces the best results for its players, and eventually produce the best results on the scoreboard too. 

We believe in success above all else.  This means succeeding in all developmental areas of the game and by learning and understanding the technical and tactical game. This means attempting a new move or skill in a game situation while performing under pressure.  It also means success mastering a new skill at home or on the practice field.  For others, success will be defined by a well-executed series of team play against top-level competition. This build up of skill, understanding, growth in confidence will translate to team wins when it matters most. VNA teams compete for state titles, league promotion, and tournament championships and will continue to do so. Villarreal Nebraska players and parents, understand that success in our club, and soccer in general, is defined by the continual growth in skills and character of our members.  Villarreal Nebraska's first priority is to equip players with the tools necessary to be successful at all levels of the game, while having fun along the way.

Using the exclusive ULTRA training curriculum designed and by our Director of Coaching, Jorge Sambataro and supported by Villarreal C.F. provides high-level soccer development for youth of all ages in a unique academy environment designed to maximize the growth of every player.


The ULTRA curriculum of Villarreal Nebraska Academy focuses on four areas of simultaneous development:  Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological.  Similar to an academic school, we focus on the mastery of foundational concepts before we introduce new concepts, these foundational concepts begin in our Submarines, then advance to the Yellows-TEAM, then Groguet-TEAMS before tryouts in our Select, Elite, and Ultra level programs. Just as it would be detrimental to a student to start teaching geometry before basic arithmetic is mastered, we will not focus on passing until basic ball control skills are mastered. Don't delay the skilled training for your player!

Why is our curriculum special: most clubs focus their efforts on getting easy wins by kicking the ball far and letting faster players outrun others to score.  This works well until players get older and the speed and strength differences between players gets much smaller.  On the contrary, Villarreal Nebraska Academy stresses ball control, vision, taking chances, and controlled movement - skills that produce a more well-rounded player over time. 


VNA - Nebraska Sports Center
345 Speedway Circle, Suite #1
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

Phone: 402-853-7100
Email: [email protected]

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